Klytie Pate Treasury

AD 2015

The Klytie Pate Collection at Beleura is the result of a friendship between John Tallis and Klytie Pate with her husband, Bill. The circle also drew connoisseur Alan Eustace and John Tallis’ sister, Biddy Carnegie and her friend, Jane Pearce. 

Their bonds likely originated from a chance, ship-board meeting in 1929, recorded in the diary of the seventeen-year-old John Tallis, who noted his fascination with fellow passengers, artists Napier and Christian Waller. Christian Waller was Klytie Pate’s aunt.

Years later, Alan Eustace and John Tallis attended Klytie Pate’s Melbourne exhibitions and bought her works, albeit a cautious outlay only by John Tallis. Later again when Beleura purchased directly from the artist in her late career, she quipped that those were the pots John Tallis should have acquired. 

As a result of the initial connection between John Tallis and Klytie Pate and with support from Will Twycross, Beleura has created a separate collection of Klytie Pate works. The Klytie Pate Treasury is a survey collection that illustrates the way Klytie Pate’s ouevre in ceramics developed over five decades.

This collection of Klytie Pate ceramic art is housed in a small museum, a Treasury, endowed by the extraordinary gift of Dr Will Twycross, the godson of Klytie Pate. It allows the display, appreciation, evaluation and sharing with our visitors the life-long output of this pre-eminent Australian Studio Potter – a deservedly celebrated artist.

The Klytie Pate Treasury is available for viewing during a scheduled House & Garden Tour or Recital.

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